The Arcanum of Ninja Tactics
Ninja Chants of Power

Mystic Art of Gorin Kuji Myo Himitsu Shaku

The Ninja of old used a specialized method of empowering themselves through thought, word, and deed. This audio CD contains the verbal incantations used to assist the Ninja in tapping into the power of the mind in an effort to focus energy, create an aura of healing, project thoughts to others, release their astral form, and ultimately, find inner peace.

Look for this CD the second quarter of 2017

Attuning with the GODAI

The five elemental furies of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Celestial provide powerful insights into the building blocks of the universe. The Ninja attunes with these forces to enhance their Might, Cunning, Ferocity, and Dexterity, along with the ability to allow each attribute to emerge instinctively when needed.

Look for this CD the second quarter of 2017

Elemental Meditation