The Arcanum of Ninja Tactics

Shroud of the Ninja

The Shinobi Zukin, or “Shroud of Concealment”, is a part of the overall uniform worn by the Ninja Warriors of Feudal Japan. The fundamental purpose of the shroud is to conceal the Ninja’s identity...but, like many things in the Ninja’s arsenal of also has many secret uses.

This instructional video teaches the various mask designs, how to don the shroud, and specialized methods of folding the cloth to become a makeshift weapon to apply striking, flailing, and entangling techniques that will surprise any foe.

This unique video will be available second quarter 2017

Ninja Short Staff

The Hanbo is a three foot staff that is foundation weapon in every Ninja’s arsenal. This is because a hanbo has the ability to move as fast as a sword, strike hard, and capable of high level joint locks and pressure attacks. The techniques covered on this video will demonstrate the effectiveness of this weapon against both armed and unarmed opponents.

This unique video will be available second quarter 2017